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Silver Leaf Financial, Inc. focuses exclusively on the needs of the individual investor and his or her specific financial situation. Silver Leaf is a professional firm designed to assist investors in protecting their assets and standard of living. Additionally, Silver Leaf Financial, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. We pride ourselves on being completely independent and objective, free from any 3rd party influence or conflicts of interest. We do not offer any proprietary investments. We do not hold any client funds. All client investments are held at very large, third party institutions.


Our services include:


• Customized Investments
Our goal is to increase and protect your wealth and income with balanced and conservative investment strategies. This may include: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, non-traded private investments, options, commodities, futures, or guaranteed investments.


• Private Wealth Management
Every situation is unique. Solutions are based on each individual’s age, time horizon, individual or family needs, such as liquidity and cash flow, risk tolerance, goals and objectives.


• Retirement Planning
We consult on ways to invest in and get money out of various retirement accounts, this includes; IRAs, 401k’s, 403b’s, we also assist with rollovers, and pensions; consolidation of multiple accounts. Roth IRA’s: contributions, conversions, or recharacterizations.


• Estate Planning
We work with a network of estate and tax planning professionals to assist with wealth transfer techniques and strategies designed to reduce and possibly eliminate estate taxes. We search dozens of the top insurance companies for the best pricing on permanent life insurance to offset and replace the estate tax burden.


• Income Enhancement
Various solutions are available, from guaranteed lifetime income to dividend income that includes: blue chip common stocks, preferred stocks, corporate and municipal bonds, ETF's (exchange traded funds), Annuities, REIT's (real estate investment trust), UIT's (unit investment trust), & others. Evaluation of investments in an effort to maximize income or replace lost income, including survivor income planning and income for all recurring needs.


• Alternative Investments
Fixed Index Annuities offer some of the highest guaranteed income payments available. These are guaranteed by some of the largest institutions in the world and are currently paying 6-8%. These should be researched and examined for possible use in your portfolio, especially to replace lost employment income when you retire.


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